Best Flower by Milton Glazer

One of our absolute favorites from the collection Milton Glaser created for Lapchi is his Best Flower. Its construction is a combination of silk and wool floral motifs woven with a high-low pile, accentuating further the line detail of the design. 

This Japanese inspired floral balances playfulness, sophistication and symmetry with a casual ease. The deceiving simplicity in which Milton creates beauty like this brings to mind an image of him quizzically looking at a kimono through a kaleidoscope, and then brushing his hands as if to say, "all in a day's work”.


We look forward to showing off this room when it's fully complete, but at the moment it's rather enjoyable to see in its simplicity. Working in limited space, the designer, Laurie Demetrio, creatively expanded the rug's presence in the room through the use of a cut-out for the fireplace. One of many examples of how a custom rug is frequently the best solution for a room's specific needs.