Custom Nebulous by Salari Fine Carpets

Moody and complex, Nebulous is an atmospheric design in an all wool rug hand-made in Pakistan, as part of our Texere line of innovative textiles for contemporary environments.

Custom Lapchi Nebulous rug

The project location overlooks an inlet on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  The client envisioned a carpet that harmonized with the earthiness and natural beauty of the surroundings, and picked Nebulous for its expressive heathered weaving structure and organic border design.  

Custom Nebulous rug from Lapchi

The designer wanted the pattern to frame the length of the dining table, so Salari worked with Lapchi’s custom department to flip the standard design for Nebulous ninety degrees, and adjusted the scale of the pattern to fit the required dimensions, while still retaining the essence of the rug’s original design.

Lapchi Nebulous rug pattern samples

We liked the customization of Nebulous for this project so much, we began exploring the pattern as a new rug in a new quality. Our Spectra rug was the result.

Lapchi Nebulous rug

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Lapchi Nebulous rug