The Story Behind Pattern Mix

Last September in New York, Lapchi premiered a precise set of rugs, one of which was chosen by Domotex in January as a best Modern Rug Design finalist. The rugs emerged from a unique collaboration between a world-renowned designer and a skilled rug maker with a single-minded devotion to making beautiful rugs.

Over the past year, a few rugs grew into a collection of rugs, and this year in New York, Lapchi will present 18 vibrant Pattern Mix rugs in new patterns and colors. Here's how it all came about.

Draga Obradovic and Maurizio Battilossi

The designer has a degree in painting from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy and from her Atelier in Como, Italy, she designs furniture, fabric, and fashion for clients worldwide. The rug maker entered the business under the watchful eye of his father, a highly respected antique rug dealer in Torino, Italy. Having experienced first-hand, the range of beauty and style in antique masterpieces, he believed there was new ground to be explored in modern rug making.

Draga's natural pattern inspiration - a torn piece of fabric.

Draga's natural pattern inspiration - a torn piece of fabric.

A closer look at the pattern detail of Pattern Mix No. 5.

A closer look at the pattern detail of Pattern Mix No. 5.

Maurizio Battilossi met Draga Obradovic in Como in the spring of 2016 to explore the possibilities. Draga brought her refined viewpoint on pattern and perspective, while Maurizio came with an intimate understanding of the range of tools available to a creative rug maker. The team grew to include Salman Khan, the creative force behind Lapchi’s Custom Rug production. Maurizio describes the experience:

“Ms. Obradovic is a textile designer.  When I first saw her atelier in Como, I was struck by the quantity of material that could translate into original, modern rugs. She creates gorgeous textiles, interpreting patterns we’ve all seen a thousand times. She selects her base materials, creates original color palettes, paints fabric, and applies specific treatments of her own creations – giving birth to an entirely new look. The result is either very organic or perfectly technical and sharp, never in between.

The challenge was to create rugs according to the same principles and following the same processes. When she saw our samples from Lahore, she immediately recognized the base for what she wanted. We had to refine the work quite a bit, and created an entirely new quality, a new structure, just for her patterns. With the Pattern Mix series, I believe we have created a milestone. Design and technique work perfectly together to create an organic piece of decoration, iconic in nature.”

Excitement is building, and we welcome you to join us in New York to see, feel, and touch our latest work. Look for us in booth no. 535 in the back center of the main hall.

Last week, we previewed the first two collections we'll be presenting at this year's Rug Show. Stay tuned for more details on the last two collections!

The Rug Show 2017
Javits Center NYC
September 10-13