Collaborative Interior Design

Lapchi and Salvage Works Present an Inspired Vignette

Portland is teeming with creative individuals and companies inspired by design and passionate about beauty.  

Recently, rug maker Lapchi collaborated with Salvage Works, highly regarded woodworkers and environmental stewards, on a project focused around natural materials, namely wool and wood.

As long as people have sought comfort in furnished dwellings, wool and wood have been materials of choice. 

The result was manifested and celebrated in an evening event in Lapchi’s Pearl District Rug Design Studio; an inspired vignette, pairing Pattern Mix No. 4 from Lapchi with a beautiful coffee table made from a live-edge slab rescued from a decaying local Oregon black walnut tree.


Pattern Mix No. 4 grounds the setting in a bold interplay of organic and geometric forms. Designed in Italy, the rug was hand-knotted from wool shorn from sheep grazing in the high mountains of eastern Afghanistan. In the finishing stages, the pile was expertly sheared to reveal serendipitous glimpses of the dark weft threads, adding to the overall energy of the design.

The wood slab reclaimed and finished by Salvage Works is equally dynamic. The completed coffee table’s watery surface and rhythmically rounded edge join the conversation of movement and interplay through design. The highly linear steel base crafted by LR Design Co is a fitting intermediary between the two surfaces.

Uniting wool and wood with such rich histories reminds us that interior design is relational. Each element of the interior has a story to offer, a story that is here enriched further as the creative communities in Portland intertwine their perspectives and expertise. Whether originating in South Portland or South Asia, sustainable materials link and define our narratives.