Whether you find us in Nepal making rugs or on snow shoes in Oregon, we are always happy to hear from you. Below, find answers to questions some others have asked.

Lapchi custom rugs

Why does Lapchi believe so strongly in the custom rug solution?

Beauty. It is not enough for a rug to look beautiful in a showroom—it must be beautiful in the space for which it is intended. In the context of the space, "beautiful" means the right size, color, style, materials and price.  

In the past, you would have little choice but to search through piles of rugs hoping to find the perfect rug—a search that often ends in a compromise. Today, with Lapchi, you may participate in the creation of a rug made to your exact specifications: a style, color and size that brings beauty and harmony to your space, in combinations of wool and silk to meet your budget.

So strongly do we believe in the made-to-order option, we make custom rugs for our clients at no additional charge.

Wool sourced from Tibet

Is there something special about materials in a Lapchi handmade rug?

Lapchi makes rugs in Nepal and Pakistan.

In Nepal we use Tibetan wool and according to design, either fine Chinese silk or coarse Indian raw silk.  In Pakistan we use wool from sheep grazing in the high mountains.

There is no comparison between the quality silk used in a Lapchi rug and bamboo silk, viscose and the other silk substitutes used by some manufacturers to reduce cost.

Handmade rugs from natural fibers

How is the price of a rug determined?

Materials and labor are the two most significant costs.  

Lapchi rugs are hand-knotted. The number of knots in a rug plays a part in the labor cost. A room-size rug may have a few as 1.2 million hand tied knots or as many as 2.3 million.    

Lapchi rugs are made from natural fibers primarily in combinations of silk and wool. Silk is a more expensive fiber than Tibetan wool, which is in turn more expensive than Indian or New Zealand wool.  

Natural fibers are more expensive than manufactured substitutes. For example, natural silk is far more expensive than viscose or bamboo silk, both of which are sometimes passed off as silk.

Selling expense also influences the price of a rug. In the Lapchi custom approach, smaller showrooms and lower investment in inventory is designed to help us keep selling costs as low as possible.

Lapchi Rug Design Studio

Do custom rugs cost more than pile rugs?

In truth, there are very few economies of scale when it comes to handmade rugs. And while more attention is given to rugs that are made to exact specifications, Lapchi applies no upcharge for made-to-order rugs.

How long will I wait for a Lapchi custom made rug?

On average it takes 3 1/2 months to produce and deliver a room-size Lapchi custom rug. The exact amount of time required depends upon the knot density, design complexity and the length of the rug. Width is less an issue, as wider rugs employ additional weavers. Specific delivery times can be quoted prior to placing orders.

Lapchi rugs for immediate delivery

Does Lapchi also have an inventory of rugs available for immediate delivery?

Lapchi Rug Design Studios maintain a small, curated selection of rugs in stock.

Need it now? Our "Quick-Ship Selection" includes 18 of our most in-demand patterns/colorways, all available in three sizes: 8x10, 9x12 and 10x14. A carpet from the Quick-Ship Selection is indistinguishable in quality from the fully customized, woven-to-order carpets for which Lapchi is famous. And they're available to you in a fraction of the time. It's the impossible, delivered. Browse our Quick-Ship Selection now.

Lapchi supports Goodweave

How can I be sure my rug is made by adult weavers only?

Lapchi is a founding member and leading supporter of Goodweave, an International Organization leading the fight against illegal child labor in the carpet industry.  

In 2015, the founding member of Goodweave, Kailash Satyarthi, shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Malala Yousafzai. In addition to assuring us that our carpets are made by adult hands, the contributions we make to Goodweave help provide educational opportunities to the children of our weavers.

The Goodweave label on the back of your rug is your guarantee that your rug is made entirely free of child labor.

Pet-friendly custom rugs

Can my Lapchi rug flourish in a pet-friendly household?

Absolutely! Lapchi hand-made rugs are the best choice for a pet-friendly household. 

Most importantly, natural fibers are safe surfaces for your pets. Further, natural fibers are durable and cleanable. The lanolin contained in wool from sheep grazing at high altitudes is an inherent stain-repellent, causing liquids to pool on the surface of your rug; there they can be quickly blotted with pressure from a clean cotton cloth. 

Hand-woven rugs can also be professionally cleaned periodically to help ensure a long life.

Lapchi Rug Design Studio

What happens if my Lapchi custom rug doesn't match my expectations?

When you purchase a made-to-order rug from Lapchi Rug Design Studio, you do so with the assurance that your rug will be produced to your full satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will remake your rug at no further cost and loan you a rug in the interim.

Where can I buy a Lapchi rug in my area?

Browse dealers in your area, or contact your closest Lapchi Rug Design Studio.