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lapchi carpet production

Lapchi Carpets are Handwoven in Nepal with Tibetan Wool and Chinese or Indian Silk

Lapchi carpets are hand-made in Nepal using hand-spun Tibetan Wool and Chinese or Indian Silk according to the specific application.

Unlike most rug companies that produce batches of rugs for stock, Lapchi reliably produces one of-a-kind, custom rugs to exact size, pattern and color specifications. Since its inception Lapchi has successfully delivered more than 6000 custom-made carpets.

From its offices in Kathmandu, Lapchi oversees all phases of the production process. Each day our staff of 30 interacts with those who spin wool into yarn, create graphs to hang above the looms, dye wool to exact color specifications and, tie upwards of two million knots comprising a hand-made Lapchi carpet.

Lapchi is a leading member of Goodweave an international organization working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry. Since 2004 Lapchi has consistently ranked among the top two producing Goodweave certified companies.