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atelier lapchi chicago

Opened in the Merchandise Mart in 2004, Atelier Lapchi is Chicago’s showroom for Lapchi Custom-made Carpets as well as a showcase for a carefully selected gallery of ready-made area rugs for immediate purchase and delivery, including our Quick Ship Selection. Atelier Lapchi is also a retail showroom for two additional carpet collections: Woven Legends, a beautiful collection of traditional and tribal carpets, including Mamluks, Sardis, Khotans and Ushaks – all hand-woven in Turkey; the HJR Collection, hand-made revivals of classical carpet masterpieces, and the Ariana Rugs Collection, decorative carpets known throughout the world for their fine detail and exceptional quality and finish.

Atelier design consultants

nathan_tuckerNathan Tucker
“While I’m in the middle of a custom project I often find myself marveling at what a wonderful medium we have. If you’re going to work with any given textile for surfaces, why not one that allows you to travel from 17th century Japanese printmaking to Spanish damasks from the 1800′s to 60′s Modernism? Oh, and by the way, then let’s put them together in the same room using similar exquisite textures and colors!”

sara_boppSara Bopp
One of my favorite quotes by Sam Saifer-Berngard is “Success isn’t easy and it’s certainly not for the lazy.” Success for me is relational and beyond business – it’s about getting to know my clients, taking their abstract ideas and translating them into tangible works of art. I strive to exceed expectation while making my clients dreams a reality. I like to think of my job as not just designing rugs but rather imbuing ones aesthetic and style into a custom expression of who they are.