Seen from the street, our homes may resemble others. Within, they express our style and uniqueness. Unlike rugs mass-produced by others, Lapchi rugs are designed and produced one at a time for people with passion for design.

The story begins...

Salman Khan
Kerry Smith

In 1997, drawing on years of experience with antique rugs, Salman Khan (left) began making new rugs in Pakistan. In Boston, Kerry Smith (right) was designing and selling “custom made bread.”


The story unfolds...

2001, Original Lapchi Office

2001, Original Lapchi Office

Three years later, they teamed up to create a company that would revolutionize the hand-made rug industry.


Quality at the Source

Custom rug production

Lapchi created the infrastructure in Nepal to make rugs to exact specifications. Today Salman Khan and a staff of 20 closely monitor the production of every Lapchi custom rug. Click here for more production photos.


Creative adventure, Collaborative effort

Custom rug design

Lapchi also created the tools to enable design professionals and their clients to “create” rugs to fit perfectly in their interior spaces.


Lapchi Rug DEsign Studio

Lapchi Rug Design Studio Chicago

In 2004, rug maker Lapchi opened a Rug Design Studio called Atelier Lapchi in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Today, Lapchi rugs are sold through Lapchi Rug Design Studios and wholesale client showrooms through the US and Canada.


One Rug at a Time to Exact Specifications

Custom rug

Since 2001, Lapchi has produced thousands of custom rugs, and the Lapchi approach has become the model for high-end rug companies world-wide.