As much a process as it is a rug showroom, Lapchi Rug Design Studio is our ongoing effort to refine the methodology by which you source the perfect rug.

A More Engaging Way to Shop for Rugs

Lapchi Rug Design Studio

Entering a Lapchi Rug Design Studio, you will find a curated selection of rugs arranged in a gallery-like setting.


Staffed by Rug Designers

Lapchi's expert rug designers

Experts in helping you discover the perfect rug for your unique space.


The Lapchi Rug Design Studio Algorithm

Lapchi Rug Design Studio

Webster's defines an algorithm as a set of steps for solving a problem. Lapchi's algorithm is collaborative, educational, efficient; focused on helping you discover the best choices for your space.


Taking the mystery out of sourcing rugs

Lapchi Rug Design Studio

With rug maker Lapchi you will know everything about how your rug is made, from the materials used to the people making it.


The Evolution of rug shopping


"Nothing permanent except change" —Lao Tzu
The old way of shopping for rugs—from a pile of rugs—is changing. In its place, a more engaging approach: a journey, ending in the perfect rug for your space.