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the lapchi design aesthetic

The Lapchi Carpet Design Aesthetic – Inspiration and Influence

Lapchi embraces what is exceptional in design inspiration and influence.

Whether updating historical patterning, or celebrating a visionary contemporary artist, Lapchi captures the elusive golden mien of assured taste, faultless style and enduring quality.

Everything worthy has a signature, a sensibility that, like fragrance, evolves and colors the quality of atmosphere, mood and interaction. Lapchi weaves those emotive sensibilities into every carpet starting with a commitment to knotting and finishing hand-spun wools and silks by hand.

Lapchi sets design standards and direction beyond the seasonal trend, weaving the threads that bind a client’s individual expression, to a design that will continue to satisfy over time.

The Lapchi aesthetic language is one that recognizes bold statements and nuanced details, enhancing the rooms we dwell in, and ultimately the lives we lead.