Historically, rooms were designed around handmade rugs. Today, we often find ourselves looking for rugs to place in existing rooms. Lapchi was created to do just that. We design, color, and size rugs to bring beauty and harmony to your unique space.

New & Now at Lapchi

Rugs play leading roles in interior design. Below, Lapchi designers share their current work.


The galleries below are organized to display Lapchi rugs in a range of styles. The categories are flexible. With the Lapchi custom approach, the same pattern can be interpreted in endless ways—from a tone on tone subtle "surface" to a high contrast "object" commanding attention. Collectively the patterns speak emphatically of Lapchi’s aesthetic sensibility.


kooches rugs by tom demarco

Although Kooches handmade carpets have long been revered for their sophisticated coloring, timeless modern design, and wide ranging appeal, it is the relentless attention to detail at every stage of production and design that puts Kooches carpets in a league of their own. Now available through Lapchi Rug Design Studios. To learn more: kooches.com.

New York/New Work 2018

At the Rug Show in New York, Lapchi presented innovative concepts in rug making: Tocca and Fade; and new Draga and Eclectica designs by Battilossi for Lapchi.


Abstract patterns are largely non-representational; concepts and ideas leave room for interpretation.


Surface rugs are most commonly used to quiet the floor in such a way that allows design elements and furnishings to express themselves more fully in the room.


Transitional rugs blend or fuse design elements and influences from different periods and places.

Pattern defined

Patterns proclaim their presence in a design scheme by being proportionally higher in color contrast or scale than most other elements in a room.

Quick Ship

Lapchi Quick-Ship rugs represent our most in-demand designs in their bestselling colorways, stocked in three sizes: 8x10, 9x12, and 10x14